PBT Podcast: Bulls, Warriors, Lakers, Jazz, and thoughts on teams resting players


In this edition of the podcast, Kurt Helin and I sit down to discuss last night’s games, which included the Bulls snapping the Knicks’ 13-game winning streak.

We discuss the Bulls’ playoff chances, and wonder whether or not they can win a series against a first round opponent that will be either Brooklyn or Indiana.

Speaking of the Bulls, we touch on the recent report that Derrick Rose won’t be making it back at all this season, and discuss whether the team might have been able to handle things differently to alleviate some of the stress surrounding the situation.

We discuss the Warriors’ loss to the Thunder, and how Golden State may fare themselves once the playoffs get started.

It’s not a podcast without a weekly Lakers update, so we break down the rest of the schedule that both L.A. and Utah face over each team’s final three games. The Jazz have an easier go of it on paper, but the way Kobe Bryant is playing, it’s tough to envision the Lakers not securing that final playoff spot in the West.

All that, plus a discussion on the trend of teams resting their star players down the stretch. There probably isn’t anything the league can do about it realistically, and we think that’s just fine.

We now have an embedded player where you can listen blow, but we still have the old school link to the file which you can click on to listen to in a browser window, or right-click to download and save for later consumption.

PBT Podcast 4-12-13