Martell Webster could be shut down for season due to ab injury

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Martell Webster took himself out of Wednesday night’s Wizards loss to a shell of the Heat roster. Webster had been playing through an abdominal injury but appeared to aggravate it.

With just three games left in the season, that could be it for Webster, reports J. Michael at

“It’s super-sore. It’s one of those times where I got to kind of shut it down,” he said after playing 26 minutes and making only 2 of 7 shots. “My arms were moving faster than my legs. That was a sign I didn’t want to make it any worse so I decided to come out….

“I’m going to exhaust every avenue before I make a decision like (shutting it down),” Webster, a free agent-to-be, said of ending his season now. “It’s more of a mental game for me because I fight through everything. …if I get my mind into it I can get my body to respond.”

Or at least he tries to get his body to respond. Webster has been playing through this since March 1 and it impacted his game — for example he shot 45 percent from three before the injury and 37.6 percent since. Other areas of his game have slowed as well.

At this point, those last three games are not going to impact his free agent status. The Wizards would like to keep him but in a thin free agent year guys could well get overpaid and if a big offer comes in Webster could be gone.