Fans tweets to count toward MVP voting


LeBron James is going to win his fourth MVP going away. It’s a sure thing.

But if you think we in the media are clearly missing how great Tyler Hansbrough has been this season and think there should be a vote for him, now you can do it yourself on twitter.

The NBA is taking fan votes on twitter that will count toward the MVP voting.

You can also vote online.

The fans votes will be tallied and the player that gets the most will get a vote that will count the same as the 122 media member votes. (For the record, I do not have one of those votes.)

LeBron is going to win. On my ballot I’m thinking Kevin Durant would be second, Chris Paul third, Carmelo Anthony four and either Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan in the five spot. Hansbrough just misses the cut. But if you want to vote for him, go for it.