Ryan Hollins ejected for placing headlock on Goran Dragic (VIDEO)


Often times when a play like this occurs, it’s a result of a lot of little things that have gone on through the course of a game that finally have come to a boiling point for a particular player.

It’s just hard to see that being the case here, considering that Ryan Hollins played all of nine minutes off the bench at the center position in this one, while Goran Dragic starts at point guard — meaning, the two players would have had very little (if any) previous interaction.

With the Clippers leading the Suns by 25 points and under nine minutes remaining, Hollins and Dragic somehow got tangled up after a made basket. Hollins had Dragic in a headlock of sorts, and well after the referee blew the whistle and was trying to get the players separated, Hollins held on, and received a flagrant two foul and an ejection for his ridiculous actions.