Caron Butler had the best tip-in of the season Monday (VIDEO)


You don’t see as many tip-ins in the NBA anymore, mostly because guys like Blake Griffin don’t tip the ball in so much as throw it down with authority.

But on a Griffin missed jumper at the end of the half Monday night Caron Butler made an impressive tip-in play — he got to a shot well short of the rim, tipped it back over his head and into the basket as time expired. That was impressive.

It didn’t help the Clippers get a win over the Pacers, and Los Angeles is now 7-8 in its last 15. And it’s numbers against the best teams is far worse (they are 2-8 against the West’s playoff teams in their last 10). In the next few days they will win their first-ever Pacific Division title, but if that is not followed with a strong playoff performance there should be changes with the Clippers this summer. And Butler may be one of those.

But that doesn’t take anything away from this play.