Kyle Lowry suggests Nene holds back John Wall


John Wall had 18 points and 10 assists to help the Wizards beat the Raptors last night, even though Nene missed the game due to injury. Or if you ask Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry, maybe that was because Nene missed the game.

“The floor is a little more spaced for him,” Lowry said of Wall. “Having two bigs, Nene and Emeka, definitely clogged the paint where it closes up his driving lanes. Unfortunately, with Nene being out, it gives John the opportunity to get into the paint a little bit more and use his speed.”

Though Lowry might have been making an excuse after Wall outplayed him head-to-head, there is some truth to his statement. Wall’s points per play, via nba wowy!, decreases when he plays with Okafor and Nene.

  • With only Okafor: .99
  • With only Nene: .92
  • With Nene and Okafor: .90

Wall is obviously central to the Wizards’ future. Okafor is under contract for more than $14 million next season, and Nene has three years and $39 million remaining on his deal. So, for now, this might be a problem without a solution for the Wizards.