Duncan, Leonard out Monday for Spurs against Grizzlies


If you were hoping to get any read for a potential playoff matchup between the Spurs and Grizzlies out of Monday night’s matchup, think again.

The Spurs announced that Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard will be out Monday night when the two teams face off. Both are listed as having sore knees.

This is part of the Greg Popovich resting guys for the playoffs plan, which after David Stern’s fine earlier this year will now pretty much always include an injury of some kind. No doubt Duncan and Leonard have sore knees — who doesn’t at this point in the NBA season? — but this is more about a back-to-back and thinking long terms and playoffs.

The league did this a lot before the expansion of rosters and teams — little injuries were included before every rest game.

The Spurs lost at home to the Heat on Sunday, a loss when the Heat were resting their two biggest stars. These couple losses in a row don’t mean much to the Spurs, save for a quest to have the top seed in the West.