Kirk Hinrich rips ball out of Bosh’s hands to help seal win (VIDEO)


There were still a couple of minutes left in the game when this happened — there would be yet another push from the Heat — but this was the moment that it hit me this was really going to happen and the Heat had no miracle comeback this time:

LeBron James missed a little step-back three, but Chris Bosh was there for the rebound, tipped it to himself, then as he brought it down to go back up Kirk Hinrich raced in, grabbed the ball and just ripped it out of his hands. At the other end Hinrich ate time off the clock, drove the lane, kicked out to Taj Gibson for the 15-foot baseline jumper and it fell. The Bulls were up 9 with 2:18 left and you could tell they were not going to let this one go.

As a guy who prefers the analytic, the statistical, I tend to shudder at the “they just wanted it more” line of analysis. But Hinrich just wanted it more. The Bulls just wanted it more.