Jeff Green’s game-winning layup completes Celtics comeback on Cavs (VIDEO)


Doc Rivers said before the game Wednesday he liked how consistently aggressive Jeff Green had been lately for the Celtics — that was always the thing with Green. His talent was never the question, but he could just blend into the background. With the Celtics needing someone to step up lately, he has.

Including on this game-winning shot against the Cavaliers.

Oh, Cleveland helps out here. Walton starts out on Green but way off him, so he has too much ground to cover when he realizes his man is going to get the ball near the top of the arc. Then Walton just gets rubbed out on a Jason Terry pick. Tristan Thompson should switch on to Green but is completely spun around and is late, giving Green a lane.

Then Green hits the shot that caps a 21-6 run by the Celtics, which what they needed to get the win.