Wild end to regulation in Mavericks win over Clippers (VIDEO)


These were the final three plays of regulation from a dramatic game:

First Chris Paul drives around 6’7″ Shawn Marion then elevating and going over 6’8″ Elton Brand, off the glass and in for a bucket that put the Clippers up two. Paul scored the last 10 points for the Clippers in regulation, he was a beast (and finished with 33).

Then O.J. Mayo answered, going baseline on a drive, getting trapped, being patient, then overpowering Paul then hitting a lay-up coming from behind the backboard. It was a smart, patient play by Mayo.

Then comes the wildest play of them all — Matt Barnes inbounds after the Mayo make and throws the ball 80 feet to Blake Griffin who hits an incredible falling bucket to win the… wait, Griffin is called for the push-off. No basket and overtime. There was contact but Nowitzki sold that push and the ref was buying.