Mavericks invite barber to Thursday’s potential break even game


Back in February the Dallas Mavericks made a pact — they would grow beards until the team reached .500.

It’s taken longer than expected and while some players jumped off the bandwagon a few — led by Dirk Nowitzki himself — have stayed true to the spirit of it. He’s shaggy.

But that could change Thursday — after winning 9-of-12, the latest of those Tuesday night in overtime against the Clippers, the Grizzlies are one game below .500. Beat the Pacers Thursday and they reached the original goal.

And to tempt fate, the Mavericks have invited a barber to the game, O.J. Mayo told the Dallas Morning News (via The Point Forward at SI):

“Everyone will have the clippers in the locker room Thursday,” Mayo said after the Mavericks’ robust 109-102 overtime win over the Clippers Tuesday. “Hopefully guys can watch us shave it off. The barber will be here. We’ll leave him tickets (for the game) and hopefully give ourselves a chance to shave it off. I want to do it right. I don’t want any patches. I’m ready to shave it.”

A lot of player wives/girlfriends are rooting for the win.

But the Mavericks have a bigger goal now — heading into Wednesday night they were one game back of the Lakers for the last playoff spot in the West. Dallas has a 12-year playoff streak and that is what they want to earn more than a good shave.