David Lee assessed a retroactive flagrant foul for elbow that caused Dwight Howard to need stitches


Dwight Howard wasn’t at all pleased with David Lee following the Lakers’ loss to the Warriors on Monday, and it’s because of a play from Lee (seen in the video clip above) that caused Howard some discomfort.

Howard was on the receiving end of an elbow from Lee, and to add insult to the injury, only Howard was whistled for the foul on the play. He received a technical foul on top of that for his comments to Lee and the officials afterward, but days later, the league office has attempted to correct that mistake.

From Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register:

This does nobody any good, of course, except to add a point to the total Lee has for the season, which is tracked by the league and can result in a suspension if that number reaches a certain threshold.

It’ll be interesting to see if Howard is satisfied with the league’s recognition of Lee’s act. He went on record after the game saying he’d “remember” the elbow from Lee, but considering the fact that this went down late in the first half, Howard had plenty of time left in this very game to retaliate if that was something he felt like he needed to do.