Dwyane Wade asks LeBron how Heat could win without Wade, while Bosh is Bosh (VIDEO)


Dwyane Wade sat out the Heat’s win over the Bobcats on Sunday because of a “sore right knee,” which is really the case guy needing some rest more than a big knee issue. Erik Spoelstra is going to get his stars some nights off down the stretch, streak or no streak (don’t be shocked if LeBron James gets a night off soon).

So since he was in a Ricardo Montalban inspired white suit for te day, Wade took over as the post-game interviewer talking to LeBron about the win. And asking how they could win without a superstar on the floor.

All the while, Chris Bosh does his photo/interview bomb thing. The entire spectacle is the kind of thing you get away with and people just laugh when you’ve won 26 in a row.