Nate Robinson ejected for takedown of Lance Stephenson (VIDEO)


Late in the third quarter of a tight game between the Bulls and the Pacers on Saturday, Lance Stephenson got ahead of the pack on a fast break.

Nate Robinson, wanting to make Stephenson earn those points at the free throw line as opposed to getting an uncontested dunk, caught up with him, and grabbed him from behind with both hands around the shoulders and neck area, causing Stephenson to fall awkwardly to the ground.

The right call was made by the officials; the play (seen at about the 30-second mark in the video clip above) was ruled a flagrant-two foul, and Robinson was ejected from the game.

The league should really make this a point of emphasis with its teams, because saving two points isn’t worth risking the health of a player over multiple games. While Robinson’s intent was likely only to prevent the easy bucket, the play he made was a dangerous one.