Nene is banged up, so Kevin Seraphin is getting his chance


The Wizards are playing out the string — but playing it out pretty well. They are 9-7 since the All-Star break and have won four of five heading into Los Angeles to face the Lakers Friday.

That’s what happens when you get your two key players — John Wall and Nene — back on the floor, recovered from injuries.

Except, Nene isn’t all that healthy anymore as the season winds down. Which means Kevin Seraphin could get a bigger shot, reports J. Michael at

Nene is having trouble reaching the finish line. The power forward has sore knees, a shoulder and wrist. Seraphin, who has showcased a soft jump hook in the lane, could get more chances.

Nene is simply one of those players that just seems to be an injury magnet. I wonder if that will ever change, but with no Olympics this summer maybe his body will get time to recover.

Seraphin has had moments this season, including 8-of-11 shooting for 16 points against Phoenix. But Seraphin’s efficiency has fallen off this season because he is taking two more shots a game beyond 16 feet and hitting just 34 percent of those. He’s got a deft touch around the rim and can knock down a shorter midrange, but he needs to be more physical.

Coach Randy Wittman also said he needs to deal better with double teams in the post.

“He’s getting to understand it a little better and better. Double-teams? He’s doing a much better job of staying patient, not going too quick, reading to see back if they’re coming back right away and then getting rid of it to the first open,” Wittman said recently. “A lot of times, that was his problem. He was trying to make the great play out of the double-teams (instead) of getting rid of it so you don’t get yourself into trouble.”

It’s a process. You see moments with Seraphin, he keeps showing promise. Pretty soon he needs to show more than that.