PBT Extra: Players fans of NBA lottery teams should watch in NCAA Tournament

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NBA scouts have been watching NBA guys they may want to draft for a while now, attending practices and dissecting game tape. NBA fans, we put too much weight on the small sample size of the NCAA Tournament when forming our opinions, because we didn’t do all that background work.

Today at PBT Extra, Kay Adams and I talk about a few guys fans of NBA lottery bound teams may want to watch — such as shooting guards Ben McLeMore of Kansas and Shabazz Muhammad of UCLA. They likely both go in the top 5 come the draft. And then there are guys to watch because scouts are curious how they do against stiffer competition — Kelly Olynyk, the center from Gonzaga, is a key guy in that category. He owned the West Coast Conference, but what happens when he runs into guys just as big and maybe a little more athletic than him.

Finally we talk injured Kentucky center Nerlens Noel and what the ACL surgery and the Wildcat’s season means to his draft spot (not much, really).