JaVale McGee with huge throwdown dunk over Noah (VIDEO)


JaVale McGee can throw down with the best of him (he probably should have beat Blake Griffin in the dunk contest a few years back, I will take his dunk on two baskets over the car dunk every time).

Which brings us to this dunk by McGee on Monday night that is just monster. They don’t even call thee push by Joakim Noah on the body while McGee is mid-air. McGee is one of those amazing athletes that pulls off moves that leave even other NBA players shaking their head like “how did he do that?”

By the way, someone is going to say in the comments that “this is not a dunk” because he threw it down into the rim from a short distance rather than touching the rim. I think you’re wrong. I say any play where a player is above the rim and throws the ball down into the bucket is a dunk. This is a dunk.