The latest Derrick Rose update: There is no update


The Chicago Bulls are home this week — Monday against Denver, Thursday against Portland and Saturday against Indiana — which has fueled speculation that Derrick Rose is likely back this week. If he is going to be back this season at all.

For Monday night against the Nuggets, don’t bet on it.

According to coach Tom Thibodeau, speaking with, the latest update is that there is no real update.

“Nothing’s changed,” Thibodeau said. ”He keeps improving, still has a way to go. When he’s ready, he’s ready. He just has to keep working.”

Rose will be back when Rose is ready to be back. Everything else is speculation. Some Bulls fans want him to fight through it and get out there, personally I’m in the “it’s not about this year it’s about the next five years” camp. The Bulls have one of the NBA’s handful of young franchise anchors, a guy you can build a title contender around, and in that case you take your time and be patient. Even though being patient sucks.

By the way, the argument that Rose should sit out “because the Heat are too good” being floated by a few national talking heads is just ludicrous. You don’t make those decisions on what other teams are doing because situations can change. Remember how last year we were sure that the Eastern Conference Finals were going to be the Bulls/Heat showdown? Not exactly how it worked out. Rose just needs to come back when Rose is ready.