Monta Ellis goes off for 25 in fourth quarter to earn Bucks win (VIDEO)


Monta Ellis is a gunner — he gets you a lot of points but takes a whole lot of shots to do it. But when he gets on a run when those shots are falling, watch out.

Ellis scored 25 fourth quarter points —  19 in the final six minutes — to lead the Milwaukee Bucks to a come-from-behind victory over the Magic on Sunday. It was a stunning performance where the Bucks put up 45 fourth-quarter points. It included him going 5-of-5 from three (where he is shooting 25.8 percent on the season), the last one of those being the dagger with 13 seconds left that put the Bucks up 113-109.

Enjoy the video. Then you can think about what it says about the Bucks that they needed a fourth-quarter comeback against the Magic. But for now, be awed by Ellis.