My new favorite ejection: Larry Sanders gives referees thumbs up (VIDEO)


Best. Ejection. Reaction. Ever.

Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders already had one technical when in the fourth quarter he argued a charging call and picked up a second technical — which means an automatic ejection. Sanders has been ejected four times this season (that’s a DeMarcus Cousins pace) so he has some experience.

Most players throw a fit and try to argue their case after the fact (that never works), while a few knew what they did and just kind of accept the punishment and walk on to the locker room.

But Sanders gives all three officials a thumbs up. Good job, good effort. I think using his thumb was smart, if he used the finger he wanted to it would have been a fine.

That was perfect and is my new favorite ejection response. I hope Sanders gets tossed again soon so we can see if he will repeat the move.