Dennis Rodman heads to Vatican, wants to meet with new pope


Dennis Rodman, international ambassador?

Apparently, that’s how he pictures himself. Fresh off a trip to North Korea — where he looked the fool upon his return singing the praises of Kim Jung Un to anyone who would listen — he now plans to go to the Vatican and meet with the new Pope. Once they vote a bunch of times and figure out who that will be.

Rodman told his plans to TMZ. Of course.

Rodman tells TMZ … his “people” in Rome have been in touch with the muckety mucks at the Vatican and they’re trying to arrange a sit-down with the next person to don the big funny hat.

As for what Dennis wants to accomplish … he tells TMZ, “I want to be anywhere in the world that I’m needed … I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world.”

Peace and love. So Dennis Rodman is the new Joan Baez, just with a few more piercings? Of course, during his playing days peace and love were the cornerstones of Rodman’s game, what we all remember him for, so this is just a natural extension.

I would like to tell you this is the last of Rodman’s overseas adventures, but I think we all know better.