Kobe Bryant hits game winner over Josh Smith (VIDEO)


This shot was made out top.

The Lakers were down 1 with time running down in the game and Kobe Bryant was working the pick-and-roll with Dwight Howard. Off the switch on that Kobe got Al Horford on him and Kobe knew he had them. Horford can’t stop Kobe off the dribble — the Hawks big man is a good defender in space for a big, this switch can work most of the time, but not against Kobe when he’s playing like he’s in a time machine. Kobe backs up when he sees he switch and isolates on Horford.

Kobe blows by Horford, the help from Josh Smith is late and Kobe does a great job absorbing the contact and hitting the shot. Vintage Kobe. And with that, the Lakers are .500.