Bobcats, Augustin had a free agency flap you didn’t notice


It is the NBA’s equivalent of a tree falling in the forest — if the Bobcats have a free agency flap will anyone notice?

Apparently it’s not just the superstar players — your Ray Allens and Dwight Howards — who have flaps with their teams. Who move on because of it. We just don’t noticed. Or often care.

Take, for example the case of D.J. Augustin. The point guard had a flap with the Bobcats last season, and nobody noticed. But there was a flap.

Augustin was rumored to be on the trade block much of season, but no deal came to fruition, and he went into last summer as a restricted free agent. He said that through last season and once he entered free agency, he heard nothing from the uncommunicative Bobcats front office, reports Rick Bonnell at the Charlotte Observer.

“I just didn’t hear anything the whole summer – I didn’t hear anything and my agent didn’t hear anything,’’ said Augustin, who will play against the Bobcats tonight as a backup point guard for the Indiana Pacers. “I didn’t know what would happen, so I got ready for whatever.’’

Bobcats management sees it otherwise. The team offered Augustin a significant contract extension last season, which he turned down. The $4.4 million qualifying offer the Bobcats made, to restrict his free-agency, was more than the one-year, $3.5 million deal Augustin ended up signing with the Pacers.

The Bobcats yanked their offer off the table once they signed Ramon Sessions. Both sides are frustrated… but the Bobcats lost a backup point guard, they shouldn’t be that frustrated.

Tonight, Augustin can take out his frustrations on his former employer. But will anyone notice?