Video: Metta World Peace acting in a Lifetime movie


I realize you don’t watch a lot of Lifetime network movies, at least until you visit your mother in law for the weekend and that’s all she has on (and she’ll talk your ear off about how bummed she is CSI:Miami went off the air…. it’s going to be a long weekend).

So we bring it to you — here is Metta World Peace acting in the Lifetime movie “The Eleventh Victim,” which is based on the Nancy Grace book that somebody somewhere must have read. I’m on “The Barbarian Nurseries” right now and would recommend that over anything Nancy Grace has ever written. But that’s not the point. World Peace got an acting gig before returning to his role as “that other Lakers starter” and seems to do a pretty solid job in this clip. The way the Lakers are playing to start the season it’s good he has something to fall back on.

Hat tip to The Big Lead.