Kenyon Martin wants back in NBA — for mini mid-level


Under the new CBA, a lot of quality veterans who were used to getting a few million to play have had to sign for less than they thought they were worth, taking veteran minimum deals.

Kenyon Martin wouldn’t play that game, he wanted to get paid. Now Martin isn’t playing any game — no team picked him up.

But Martin is sticking to his principles, as he told Jared Zwerling of

The mini mid-level — the mid-level tax paying teams can give out — is about $3 million.

Good for Martin… except there aren’t really a lot of contending teams either with the mini mid-level left or winning to spend it.

So who has about 3 million a year left they can spend? The Lakers do but they are so far over the tax line they are not looking to spend it. Oklahoma City does but again we’ve seen they are not looking to add their spending. Also the Nuggets do, if you consider them a contender. Boston and Miami used their mini mid-levels, as did the Clippers, Knicks, Nets, and the Spurs used all but $500K of theirs.

So good luck Kevin. I love that you’re sticking to your principles.