Karl admits Lawson contract extension distracting Nuggets


The good news is this distraction isn’t going to last very long. Probably.

There is a Wednesday deadline for when rookie contract extensions for the draft class of 2009 have to be agreed to.

Ty Lawson is one of those guys. Everyone expected the Nuggets to come to terms with the young point guard who seems built for running George Karl’s up-tempo offense. But as of yet, no deal and there are reports talks have stalled out. If no deal is reached, Lawson becomes a restricted free agent next summer (other teams can make offers but Denver can match them).

It’s become a distraction, Karl admitted to the Denver Post.

“It falls under the level of ‘distraction,’” Karl said Sunday.

“But that’s how our business is now. I respect both sides. I respect the organization trying to get something done and I’m sure they’re negotiating honestly and fairly. Hopefully they’ll come to an agreement.

“Ty is a point guard who is figuring out where he is in the marketplace. It’s business, and business is not the best energy for training camp. Basketball is the best energy for a training camp. But there is business in training camp going on all the time now in the NBA.”

The Nuggets open their season Wednesday in Philadelphia. By the end of that night the Nuggets will have locked up Lawson and the distraction will be gone.

That or they don’t reach a deal and this season every city Lawson can be asked “would you be willing to play next season in X?” Then the distraction lives on.