Dwyane Wade’s playlist: Jay-Z, 2 Chainz… John Mayer?


First things first — do not ever get your hair cut on a basketball court. Ever. Even if you are Dwyane Wade. Even if they put a tarp down. Those hairs are going to get on the court and be a bear to clean up.

While Wade is getting his hair cut he talks musical playlist and what he listens to before games in this video. You knew Jay-Z and Kanye West were on the list. Then from there it is solid — 2 Chainz, Common, I can even respect the Coldplay call.

But John Mayer? Tell me that’s a Gabrielle Union thing. Please.

Anyway, that is Dwyane Wade talking music while getting a haircut before his next commercial shoot. And you think the Heat might have lost some focus…

Hat tip to the All Ball blog at NBA.com.