PBT Extra: Southeast Division preview… the Heat are really good

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Welcome back to our PBT Extra preview tour of the NBA divisions, the next stop is the Southeast division. Which is top-heavy with a Miami Heat team that should be better than last year’s title squad. It’s not just LeBron James’ newfound maturity or the addition of Ray Allen, it’s that the Heat have figured out who they are. They will go small with Chris Bosh at center, LeBron and the four, they are quick and have the ability to exploit mismatches.

After that it drops off. Atlanta is interesting because with Al Horford and Josh Smith they have one of the best front lines in basketball. But can Jeff Teague get them the rock? It’s rebuilding time in Charlotte and Orlando, meanwhile the Wizards have started that process a while ago and have nice pieces, but they need John Wall to make a big leap this year.

Basically, this is the Heat’s division. Easily.