Hawks point guard Teague leaves game with sprained ankle


The Atlanta Hawks are counting on Jeff Teague to make a big leap forward this season, to be more consistently aggressive and a leader. They want to run more and he is at the heart of the plans.

But he can’t make that leap if his ankle is not right.

Teague left the Hawks game in the third quarter with a sprained ankle and did not return. After the game coach Larry Drew said he did not yet have an update on Teague, who needed to be evaluated, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

If the Hawks are going to be without Teague for a little while, they have Devin Hester on the roster but in the preseason have used him to start at the two guard spot, and he looked comfortable there on Thursday night (5-of-8 shooting Thursday).

This may not be anything serious, but the Hawks don’t want it to be something that lingers once the season starts in a couple weeks. They need Teague, they need him healthy and they need him to push the tempo and attack.