Kevin Garnett has found himself a pupil in Jared Sullinger


Jared Sullinger is the kind of rookie who fits in on a veteran Celtics team.

He’s not a guy who came in with a big ego, he’s not a guy who came in with a high-flying game. He’s more old school, lots of moves below the rim.

That’s why Kevin Garnett likes the guy.

That is KG’s locker room, his team (despite Rondo’s growth) and he told Jessica Camerato of

“I feel like sometimes young guys come in and have the whole entitlement displayed across their chest,” said Garnett. “This kid is coming in, working his [butt] off, and he’s trying to be better. I’m giving him the book, teaching him everything I know.”

Everything he knows? Undersized guards can expect new hands clapped in their face soon.

Sullinger said he and KG hit it off because the rookie did not show fear.

“[I understood] that I can’t be afraid because he’s Kevin Garnett,” Sullinger told “He’s my teammate and I’ve got to attack him every day in practice. That’s what I did and earned his respect like that . . . It was day one since practice. If I got the ball, I’d attack it. Most people would say, ‘Oh my god, Kevin Garnett’s guarding me. Get it out of my hands.’ No, not me. I just always try to attack and play my game.”

Sullinger is key for Boston because they need to keep Garnett rested through the season, which means he’s got to take on some minutes. In the preseason he has looked solid doing it. But they are going to need that when the games are real starting in a couple weeks. That is not time to start showing fear.