Dwight Howard says dancing Gangnam style helped his back


Yup, he’s the same old goofy Dwight Howard. And he’s clearly getting comfortable in Los Angeles.

We showed you video a while back that Howard had gone on the Ellen show and showed the dancing daytime talk show host how to dougie. But I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t watch the entire episode. Probably because “How the States Got Their Shapes” was on the History Channel.

But the diehards at LakerNation watched it so we didn’t have to, and they came out with this gem (hat tip to The Basketball Jones):

Showing extreme flexibility and range of motion, Howard put on a Gangnam Style clinic that included the trademark horsey-ride and lasso throw.

“Gangnam style has helped me strengthen my core and lower back. I’ve got a great PT program, but this dance has taken me to the next level,” said Howard.

Every report out of Lakers camp has said Howard’s recovery is going well, the Lakers are just being cautious because the opener Oct. 30 against Dallas is not the ultimate goal. But he reportedly has looked strong.

So, clearly the Gangnam Style rehab works. That or this fad needs to go away, really soon.