Apparently Jarrett Jack gets the first warning about flopping


Is there flopping in the preseason?

Apparently. At least someone in the league office in New York thinks so.

Golden State point guard Jarrett Jack tweeted this on Wednesday:

If you want to bask in some irony for a moment, recall that Jack was talking and tweeting last playoffs about the referees not falling for the flops of the Clippers’ Blake Griffin.

It’s not clear what play is in question from Jack.

There are no punishments for flopping in the preseason, just warnings, under the new league guidelines. Those calls call for every potential flop to be reviewed by the league office. There are penalties for those deemed as having flopped: first offense is a warning; second offense is a $5,000 fine; third it’s $10,000; fourth time $15,000; fifth is $30,000 and if there are more after that larger fines and suspensions are possible.

It’s not so much the money that will have an effect as it is players not wanting to be seen as floppers. It’s not a good image, the come off as soft. They will curtail the most egregious stuff… at least until the game is on the line. Then if they can turn the tide of a game with a call few players would blink at embellishing.

Oh, it’s going to be fun to watch this enforced.