Check out Chicago’s All-NBA team. You could win with it.


They played a fun game over at — what if they put together an All-NBA team just of current players in the league who are from or played high school ball in Chicago?

It’s a damn good team. You could win a lot of games… heck, you could contend with it.

Your starting five: Derrick Rose at point, Dwyane Wade at the two guard, Shawn Marion at the three (he did move to Tennessee right before high school, if you want to be picky), Kevin Garnett (South Carolina born but moved to Chicago for high school), Anthony Davis at center. Then you can bring Evan Turner and JaVale McGee in off the bench. Tony Allen is your defensive stopper.

Pretty impressive group, and it gets deeper. Check out the entire slide show.

It also could be a fun game to play with other cities like Los Angeles and New York. Not so much with Boise, though.