Report: Jalen Rose to join Simmons, Wilbon, Magic on “NBA Countdown”


ESPN wanted to shake up its “NBA Countdown” game-day studio show because… well, it wasn’t very good.

And while I liked the idea of the show with Stan Van Gundy on it better (and idea reportedly shot down by David Stern) it appears they have rounded out what could be a more interesting roster.

The lineup will be Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons (the “sports guy” and guy behind Grantland), Magic Johnson and Michael Wilbon, reports The Big Lead. TBL has pretty much been in front of this story the entire time so we’ll bet they are right here. ESPN did not respond.

This move means Chris Broussard and Jon Barry are out.

I don’t know how the chemistry will be, but it has potential. Rose is engaging, Simmons is clever and has a good fan sensibility, Wilbon is trusted and Magic… is there. He was a very good basketball player.

Still say TNT’s “Inside the NBA” is the gold standard, but hopefully this is an improvement at ESPN.