Time for Kyrylo Fesenko to learn how to drive


Kyrylo Fesenko has spent five years in the NBA, the first four in Utah, the last in Indiana.

Those teams had something in common besides all being pretty good — Salt Lake City and Indianapolis are relatively small and easy cities to get around. Just take a cab and you can get anywhere pretty cheaply.

Fesenko is a Bull this season and Chicago… not so small. Not so cheap.

The Bulls practice center is in Deerfield, about 39 miles outside Chicago. After practice one day Fesenko decides he should check out downtown Chicago… and we’ll let the Chicago Tribune pick up the story from there.

So the affable Ukrainian, who never has had a driver’s license, did what he has done at his two previous NBA stops: He took a cab…. . After spending $140 for a ride, Fesenko found new motivation.

“I’m actually thinking about getting my license now,” Fesenko said. “I was like, ‘$70 each way? Uh, uh, that’s not going to happen.'”

Wait until he sees how much it costs to park a car in Chicago.