Video: A little help picking your NBA fantasy team

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It’s pretty easy to make your first choice if you have one of the top two picks in your fantasy draft (LeBron James and Kevin Durant), but like building any team its the next choices that will really determine how you do. So, we’re here to help.

Above in a Rotoworld video Kay Adams and Matt Stroup breakdown the top 10 picks in the draft.

After that, you need to be reading and using the Rotoworld Draft Guide (put together in large part by man Steve Alexander). If you are a serious fantasy player, you should be checking out Rotoworld all the time to keep up with injuries and trends.

We’re just trying to help, since your going to spend half your workday soon trying to get ready for your fantasy draft. Of course, if anybody from 30 Rock is reading this, we at PBT would never do that. Nope. Not at all. Always working hard here.