Nash crossed Jarrett Jack, looked good in Lakers debut


That is the highlight everyone is talking about in Los Angeles, Steve Nash crossing over Jarrett Jack during the Lakers preseason opener against the Warriors in Fresno.

It’s really not what Nash did best in this game.

What Nash did well is something the Lakers have not done consistently in recent years — quick ball movement from the strong to weak side. Skip passes. Early in the game Nash drove into the lane and kicked out to Kobe Bryant for an open three. On more than one occasion he skipped the ball as soon as the defense started to over-commit to him and the ball side. While Kobe tended to dribble a lot to draw a defense to him then sometimes made that pass later in the clock, Nash showed no hesitation.

Once Dwight Howard returns, once Nash gets more comfortable with him and Pau Gasol, the Lakers offense is going to be devastatingly good. The other end of the floor will be the test.