Lakers backup big man Hill out with herniated disc in back


With Dwight Howard out until whenever (likely around the start of the season), the Lakers have been counting on Jordan Hill to soak up a lot of his minutes, both in practice and in games.

But now Hill is out with a herniated disc in his back, reports the Lakers (hat tip to Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register). Hill was seen putting heat on his back on the bench at the end of the Lakers Sunday night game against Golden State in Fresno.

Hill will be re-evaluated in a week. As it is the preseason it would mean the Lakers will go slow with bringing Hill back.

If this were to happen in the regular season, Pau Gasol would be playing the five a lot. What it might mean is the rookie Robert Sacre — the Gonzaga big man out of Canada who was the 60th and last pick in the draft — stands a better chance of making the opening day roster. Depends on how everyone else heals up front, because the Lakers depth is nonexistent right now.