Darko Milicic, professional carp fisherman. Not making that up.


You think you know Darko Milicic. You don’t know Darko Milicic.

He is more than a Celtics backup center, a draft bust at No. 2 but a guy who carved out a nine-year NBA career as a decent backup big. He’s not just another faceless Euro in the NBA.

He’s a professional carp fisher.

I couldn’t have made that up if I tried. Friend of this blog Jessica Camerato of CSNNE.com got him to talk about it (hat tip to BDL).

Milicic began fishing as a child and took up the sport professionally five years ago. He has competed in carp fishing tournaments with his team, Melezra, during the offseason where he lives 45 minutes outside of Belgrade.

“I fish carp professionally back home,” said Milicic. “I go to the World Cups, European Championships. I have a team so that’s what I enjoy the most. I’ve got an RV here from the US. We travel, we fish for four to seven days straight.”

Admit it, you would pay to hang out with Darko in his RV fishing for a week.

I’ll admit I’d do it. And also that I never saw this coming. Never.