Jazz’s Kanter dropped 51 pounds when he stopped eating everything


One of the fantasies of media day around the NBA is the “look at Player X, he dropped 15 pounds and is really in shape for this season.” Often the weight loss is exaggerated, and certainly what is exaggerated is the impact that has on most players.

Jazz big man Enes Kanter may be the exception to the rule.

Kanter dropped 51 pounds since last season. Yes, 51. He went from 293 to 242 pounds in two months, tweets Bill Oram of the Salt Lake Tribune.

So what fad weight loss method did the Turkish center use? Was it P90X combined with the South Beach Diet? Pills? Freezing the fat? Old fashion starvation?

Nope, he stopped eating everything in sight, Oram said. Then he tweeted Kanter’s old daily diet.



Well, that should do it. Out of shape NFL offensive linemen would gain weight with that diet.

While Kanter may have lost the weight, let’s see how he plays before we say he’s the exception to one training camp fantasy.