Chris Bosh trying to nickname himself “random guy”


Chris Bosh wants to be known as “random guy.”

Not for the reason you think (that he is the awkward third wheel on the Heat with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and for the casual basketball fan he is just a random guy).

Rather, Bosh said he was watching film of the Heat’s positionless offense — where anybody can step into any of the five roles on the floor — and he thought he was scoring from random places on the floor. Here’s his quote, via the Miami Herald (hat tip to SLAM).

“I’m still getting used to the offense,” Bosh said. “I always watching film to see what I should have done and what I could have done. What I can do better. Where my shots can from. Because I’m the random guy. I don’t get any plays called for me, but the public will never know that.”

I kind of like it, because Random Guy has a nice double meaning for bosh.

But no, you do not get to nickname yourself. Random Guy must be rejected. He can call himself whatever he wants, but we can’t pick it up.