Who is NBA’s biggest trash talker? Curry says Nate Robinson, CP3


For some of us, the first name that comes to mind is Kobe Bryant, he constantly chirps. He said he started the trash talk on Team USA. Other people – particularly smaller guards — might think of Kevin Garnett.

There are a lot of guys who talk smack during an NBA game, but when The Big Lead asked Stephen Curry who the biggest talkers were, he went another direction.

Nate Robinson, when he was on our team. He’s a 24-7 trash talker and hype man. He talks constantly on planes, in the locker room, wherever. It’s all in good fun. On the court I’d have to say Chris Paul. Back when he was on the Hornets, they had a huge 20-point lead on us and he went to the bench. We went on a run and cut the lead to like three and then they went to put CP back in. He was sitting at the scorer’s table and telling me and coach, ‘time to put the closer back in’ and he was doing what baseball managers do – put their arm out and tap on it, like they’re going to closer in the 9th inning. He was laughing while doing this and yeah, they came back and won.

Interesting. As he is on the court and I am not, there will be no argument from me.

As for who Curry said was the most underrated player in the NBA? Jrue Holiday. There are some other interesting conversations about Curry’s ankle and more, check out the whole interview.