Can the Raptors make the playoffs? Kyle Lowry says yes.

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Pity the Toronto Raptors — they are in a division with the Celtics, Knicks, Nets and Sixers. Four lock playoff teams. Throw in the Heat, Pacers and other teams from other playoff divisions and there is no easy path from Toronto to the post season this year.

But Kyle Lowry thinks they can make it.

That is what he told the Toronto Sun (via SLAM).

As for his suggestion that the Raptors may surprise some people, Lowry, like Calderon and others on the team who has been properly briefed, Lowry believes Toronto can make the playoffs.

“To be the head of the snake,” he added, when asked what he hopes to accomplish in Toronto. “Just be up there. It starts with the point guard and as long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to do — getting up, pressuring, being talkative, loud, and being aggressive, my teammates got my back. And I know that if they see I’m up there working hard, they’re going to work hard for me, behind me.”

File that in the “what else is he going to say?” pile. Not sure I would put a lot of stock in it.

The Raptors are going to be an improved team. Overlook them on the schedule and they will beat you — they will defend and they have some guys like Andrea Bargnani who can shoot the rock.

But to make the playoffs both Lowry and Jose Calderon will need big years, Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross can’t play like rookies, someone is going to have to step up with a lot more scoring, and everyone is going to have to stay healthy.

That is a lot of things that have to go right