Hope springs eternal in New Orleans, ticket sales way up


They have a new owner, a guy who won a championship with the New Orleans Saints (we’ll just overlook all those “’Aints” years). They have the No. 1 overall pick and potential franchise player in Anthony Davis, plus another rookie with potential in Austin Rivers. They have a very good and often overlooked shooting guard in Eric Gordon.

They have hope in New Orleans for the Hornets. And in the business of the NBA you need to be selling championships or hope.

And hope is selling well in the Big Easy. That’s what the Times-Picayune is reporting.

The New Orleans Hornets announced Monday they have surpassed an average of 12,000 tickets sold per game this upcoming season, which includes partial and full-season season ticket packages, group sales and suites sold at the New Orleans Arena, according to team spokesman Harold Kaufman.

It is the highest tickets sold per game average prior to the season starting since the Hornets relocated from Charlotte, N.C., in 2002.

Those ticket sales are key for the Hornets, because they play in the smallest television market of an NBA team and will never generate big revenue that way (revenue sharing will help them out in this area as well as the Lakers and Celtics start to share those large local deals they got).

It’s good to see these numbers. It shows that if you are smart and have ownership seriously committed to the city the fans will respond.

I would like the Maloof family to re-read that last sentence again. And again.