Doc Rivers says the plan is for Courtney Lee to start until Bradley’s return


With Avery Bradley out for a while to start next season, there is a bit of a question about whether Jason Terry would move from his traditional bench spot to a starting position. Problem is that would jack with plans to have Terry back up Rondo at point guard.

But what about Courtney Lee?

In a fascinating interview with Bob Ryan at the famed ABCD camp, Doc Rivers spoke about the various position issues over the past two years and revealed some interesting stuff. The more interesting part is discussing how there had always been plans for KG at the 5, and how Rivers wanted Allen to come off the bench last season, and Bradley’s decision really helped with that. (Not sure how Ray feels about that.) But the headliner is that the plan is for new Celtics guard Courtney Lee to start until Bradley returns, something that CSN New England had discussed earlier this week.

It sets up a solid structure for the lineup, with Terry working at combo-guard either in tandem with or replacing Rondo, and when Bradley gets back, the options only increase. Lee will get a shot at starting if he plays well enough, and Bradley can operate in a dual-combo-guard set off the bench with Terry. If Lee moves to the bench when Bradley returns, it just means more length and athleticism off the bench (an issue in Boston over the years).

The Celtics will have options. And provided everyone buys into their rah-rah “one for all all for beating Miami” team concept, who starts doesn’t matter. The finishing lineup, though? That’s going to be fascinating to track.