Nets go for stylish herringbone pattern on court… if you care


The Nets have a new stadium in a new city with new luxury boxes and new food options and a few new players.

And, a new court.

They have unveiled the new look, showing it off to the New York Post and releasing pictures of the herringbone pattern look on Tuesday. My first thought? I like it. Everybody is trying to be unique with their court — light and dark wood patterns, other tricks.

Along those lines, his is different but a bit classier. Here is what Nets/Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark told the Post.

Yormark also said there’s a “bold, dark, gritty feeling” to the court that “blends nicely with the entire motif” of the 18,200-seat arena.

“It’s is our version of the [Boston Celtics] parquet floors,” he said.

Okay, that may be going a bit far. But it’s not bad.

Of course, it’s a court. What really matters is how the Nets play on it.