Three weeks to training camp… Kyrie Irving is not afraid of the moment


The wait is almost over. We’re three weeks and three days from training camp, and the start of the 2012-2013 NBA season. Basketball is almost back. As we get closer we’ll be bringing you reminders of why this game is awesome, what you’ve missed, and what to look forward to.

The point guard position in the NBA is so deep you can go on for an hour and still miss someone absolutely stellar. So the fact that Kyrie Irving has shot up the ranks of the top point guards says something. Irving’s rookie season was simply stellar. He wasn’t just a scorer. He wasn’t just a distributor. He was the kind of point guard you dream about, the exact type of franchise player that Cleveland needed after you know who did you know what. Irving was particularly insane late in games. The kid just has stones. And in three weeks, we get to start ramping up towards his encore after an incredible rookie season.