Three weeks to training camp… Rajon Rondo knows ball fakes


The wait is almost over. We’re three weeks and three days from training camp, and the start of the 2012-2013 NBA season. Basketball is almost back. As we get closer we’ll be bringing you reminders of why this game is awesome, what you’ve missed, and what to look forward to

It’s a singularly unique move in today’s NBA. The ball-fake’s not new. And Rajon Rondo isn’t the only one to use it. He’s just the only one to use it the way he does. It’s simultaneously disorienting, and a representation of style. It hearkens back to the truest concepts expressed in Free Darko. It’s all about creativity and improvisation. And it’s just freaking cool. Like I said earlier this week, it’s all about art.

And this one might be my personal favorite:

The flip to get one man off him, then beats the help defense with a similar move. It’s sneaky, it’s inventive, it’s sometimes unnecessary, but it’s an indelible part of the modern NBA. Can’t wait to see you fake it again, Rondo.