Video: Derrick Rose “The Return” part 2 (“Hope”)


I was really hoping that adidas was going to title The Return episode 4 “A New Hope” but they went with hope in this, the second installment. Oh well.

Above is the second of adidas series of short films on Rose’s rehab from an ACL tear suffered in the first round of the playoffs (see the first here), and it’s well shot if not terribly insightful. Here are the money quotes about him watching the Heat win a title:

“The whole time the playoffs was going on I only watched a couple of games from every series, but I wasn’t into it like I was if I was playing. I know that’s going to push me to work even harder … thinking of them winning the championship. It’s just going to drive me and I know I’m gonna have another year.

“I was just worried about my health. My trainers that’s back in Chicago that work for the Bulls – they interviewed people – they told me to come here to LA to (Athletic Performance). These things I never learned before, where I used to just go out there and just hoop. Just learning how to march again, walk, run all that stuff.”

No doubt Rose is still humble and still working to get back, but he is not expected to play for the Bulls until likely around the All-Star Game or later.