Wade says again he is “ahead of schedule” with knee


The “Dwyane Wade media blitz” begins today in support of his new book about fatherhood, so expect a lot of Wade quotes to come flowing out over the next few days.

But if you’re a Heat fan that wants to attend another parade, really only one question matters:

How’s the knee you had surgery on this summer? In answer, a tweet from Tim Reynolds of the AP:

Wade on knee: “I’m ahead of schedule.”

Which is what he’s been saying from the start. Of course, for the Heat it’s not about games in November, it’s about Wade being healthy for games in June.

The Heat may come out a little slow out of the gun this season, but the fact is they are the class of the East and in a depleted conference (Bulls down, for example) they are the one team that can win 60 games or a few more. And do it without straining themselves as they gear up for the playoffs. They know what it takes now.

Wade knows what it takes, which is why I wouldn’t really be worried about his recovery if I were a Heat fan.